What’s Growing On… Feb. Update

Not much going on yet I have lettuces, greens, spinach and bok choy sprouting. Garlic from last fall growing tall and starting to brown. and my boxes all filled and waiting for transplants and seeds.

a few container tomatoes I am keeping in my greenhouse

whats left of last falls greens and spinach

cinder block herbs, parsley and cilantro doing the best

bok choy

lettuce growing in hanging planters


garlic, onions and potatoes in buckets

trellises i just put up…hoping to grow tomatoes on it this spring

pinterest made me want to try and see if I could grow beans

Waterbottle Hanging Planter

So I originally got this idea from Pinterest this was the original design but I couldn’t find any directions on how to assemble it so I had to improvise.

I got my supplies together 15 1 liter water bottles, nylon twine, small safety pins, drill with small bit ( I don’t know the exact size just as long as the holes are big enough to pull the string through through)
I drilled 4 holes, 2 on the top directly across from each other and 2 on the bottom directly across from each other (used to string the bottles). I don’t really measure so I just used the grooves of
the bottles to pick my points.

I cut out a rectangle across the top making the opening for which to fill the planter and then string 4 bottles even on a 6 foot length of twine
I tried a few different ways of seperating and holding up the bottles but the one I found to work was small safety pins.

filled the containers with soil only fill to about 3/4 full.

Here is what the finished product looked like

and I already have sprouts

Tidbits and tips:
~Make sure to label or at least record what you plant, I know that every one is some form of lettuce so I am okay there but I have no idea what type of lettuce I planted in my first four sets of planters. 😦
~I wish I would have cut the opening out smaller I liked the length of the opening but would have made the depth a little shallower.

Everythings coming up leafy

My spring greens (lettuce, bok choy & spinach) are starting to sprout


I am trying out growing lettuce in recycled bottles and my seedlings are coming along great.

Just Getting Started

majority of my seedlings have sprouted. I am glad i started them i small biodegrable pots instead of using the pellets i think it will be easier to keep the plants inside until the weather warms up enough to transplant?

So I have started…hopefully not to soon

So I have started some seeds indoors, this “winter” and I use the term loosely because the weather has been really warm for this time of year and out of fear that we will completely skip an actual cold winter I have started my seeds and fingers crossed that this isn’t a mistake.

The man at the nursery today told me that I should wait until mid march to plant outside but i am not sure I can hold off on planting outdoors that long.

I already have zucchini and broccoli sprouting

and my cucumbers

No tomatoes yet

My newest seeds this season

What I learned in 2011 about gardening and what’s Next in 2012

2011 was my first full year of vegetable gardening so I was able to have a spring and fall gardens and here are some things I learned….

~ It is important to document everything when you start seeds, when you plant, when you harvest and how everything went. ( so I will be using this blog as a journal) and what you planted and where… I had a couple pepper and tomato plants that I never quite knew which variety they where

~Fall gardening for me is harder than spring/summer its easier for me to create shade for my plants than it is to create heat.

~Greens are my best growers.

~I love gardening I could spend most of the day out in my garden if time and weather permitted.

~Youtube has been a great tool watching other peoples techniques and ideas lead me to growing garlic in buckets, building lids for my raised beds and attempting to grow vertically this spring

~Soil is important I tried to fight it my first couple of season buying bulk dirt from my local hardware store and trying to just amend it but personally i find a good compost and peatmoss mix works best.

~1 composter is not enough

Goals for my vegetable garden in 2012

To expand I think I have filled my space almost to maximum capacity I have 6 4×4 boxes, 3 5×3 boxes and a small greenhouse filled with planters but I would still like to…

~Try vertical gardening so I am going to build trellises for two of my 4×4 boxes and also for 2 of the 5×3 boxes I have up against the fence.

~Want to get at least 4 dwarf fruit trees I can’t wait for our local nursery to get in the fruit trees

~To have a successful and plentiful growing season.