Waterbottle Hanging Planter

So I originally got this idea from Pinterest this was the original design but I couldn’t find any directions on how to assemble it so I had to improvise.

I got my supplies together 15 1 liter water bottles, nylon twine, small safety pins, drill with small bit ( I don’t know the exact size just as long as the holes are big enough to pull the string through through)
I drilled 4 holes, 2 on the top directly across from each other and 2 on the bottom directly across from each other (used to string the bottles). I don’t really measure so I just used the grooves of
the bottles to pick my points.

I cut out a rectangle across the top making the opening for which to fill the planter and then string 4 bottles even on a 6 foot length of twine
I tried a few different ways of seperating and holding up the bottles but the one I found to work was small safety pins.

filled the containers with soil only fill to about 3/4 full.

Here is what the finished product looked like

and I already have sprouts

Tidbits and tips:
~Make sure to label or at least record what you plant, I know that every one is some form of lettuce so I am okay there but I have no idea what type of lettuce I planted in my first four sets of planters. 😦
~I wish I would have cut the opening out smaller I liked the length of the opening but would have made the depth a little shallower.

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