What I learned in 2011 about gardening and what’s Next in 2012

2011 was my first full year of vegetable gardening so I was able to have a spring and fall gardens and here are some things I learned….

~ It is important to document everything when you start seeds, when you plant, when you harvest and how everything went. ( so I will be using this blog as a journal) and what you planted and where… I had a couple pepper and tomato plants that I never quite knew which variety they where

~Fall gardening for me is harder than spring/summer its easier for me to create shade for my plants than it is to create heat.

~Greens are my best growers.

~I love gardening I could spend most of the day out in my garden if time and weather permitted.

~Youtube has been a great tool watching other peoples techniques and ideas lead me to growing garlic in buckets, building lids for my raised beds and attempting to grow vertically this spring

~Soil is important I tried to fight it my first couple of season buying bulk dirt from my local hardware store and trying to just amend it but personally i find a good compost and peatmoss mix works best.

~1 composter is not enough

Goals for my vegetable garden in 2012

To expand I think I have filled my space almost to maximum capacity I have 6 4×4 boxes, 3 5×3 boxes and a small greenhouse filled with planters but I would still like to…

~Try vertical gardening so I am going to build trellises for two of my 4×4 boxes and also for 2 of the 5×3 boxes I have up against the fence.

~Want to get at least 4 dwarf fruit trees I can’t wait for our local nursery to get in the fruit trees

~To have a successful and plentiful growing season.


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