In the Garden This Week

This weeks garden pics 4/27-5/1

-I am still getting a pretty good amount of collards, spinach and bok choy in my every other day picks.

-The potatoes and garlic are growing really well but I guess with those I won’t know how well they’ve done until its time to harvest

-I have two count ’em two asparagus spears sprouting and I am to excited about that.

-I bought a few vegetable plants from the store recently strawberries, tomatoes & bell peppers to keep me hopeful until my seeds actually decide to make an appearance.

-The girls and I turned their baby pool into a pumpkin planter I divided it into 4 sections and let them each plant their own pumpkin seeds.

-I have two zucchini plants and one cucumber that I started from seed that have sprouted and are growing quite well.

I am looking for any landscaping ideas around the garden area, so please share if you have any suggestions?

What I have learned about my garden so far.. native soil sucks I did not run any soil test prior to planting I just amended it some with compost and store bought garden soil but it still is very thick and clay like. I think if i would have started with a better soil mixture my veggies would be doing alot better.

…I discovered Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening checked the book out from the library and I am sold I am already working out a schedule to change over my current boxes to this method.

…I also found a wonderful site My Square foot garden which has given me a couple ideas for my boxes and planting


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