Essential Gardening Tools

So I have been trying to compile of list of things I need to get ASAP, came across a few good sites to purchase gardening stuff and pick up some good tips: (ladybug clogs)

On my quest for gardening information I came across a couple articles that talked about essential gardening tools and so from those I have composed a list of items I would like to start out with. So far I have aquired this…and I still need to get these items..

1. Gloves (they weren’t #1 on to many list but trust me if I am going to be rooting around with bugs in the mud I need gloves.)

2. Sun hat ( I wouldn’t have even thought of this one but after seeing it on a couple lists it made sense who wants to gardening with the sun beating them up.)

3. Boots ( I am thinking I may have to aquire some shoes just for gardening if I don’t want to mess up any of my every day shoes)

4. Garden Kneeler ( if I am going to be outside in the dirt I might as well be as comfortable as possible.)

5. Garden rake

6. Garden hoe

I am sure there is a lot more I need so if you know of any gardening must-haves I left off let me know??

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